Monday, March 21, 2011

FDLRC Legal Runaround Race report

, It was a beautiful "almost spring" morning as 250 or so runners and walkers gathered at Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI for the annual 5K run to benefit the FDL police K9 unit. I had eaten my "breakfast blend" approximately 2.5 hrs before race time. 45 minutes prior to start, I took my first GU energy gel. I had a bottle of water, and then 15 minutes prior to the start had another GU energy gel.

8:58 AM - Racers to the starting line, go over course layout and finish line "need to knows".

9:00 AM - Racers ready? GO!

I started out pretty strong, but not too strong. At about mile 1, I began to pass people I didn't have any business passing (no body was passing me). At about mile 1.75, a young lady passed me. I used her to pace myself. At about mile 2.25, I passed her. No on else passed me after that.

When I got within spectator distance of the finish line, I could hear people cheering on runners behind me. Then I heard the foot steps. That was all I needed to kick it up to about 10 MPH and finish hard. I crossed the finish line at 24 minutes 2 seconds. This brought my mile pace to 7:42, 18 seconds less than my pace for the last race.

Now the switch occurs. Next event is on two wheels, not two feet. Time to change up the training a little. Started with a nice 13 mile ride yesterday before the rain set in. More to come on cycling training.

On a sad note, the very division of the Fond du Lac police department that we ran to support on Saturday morning, suffered a great loss on Sunday morning. Officer Craig Birkholz of the FDL police was shot and killed yesterday morning in a standoff with a real piece or garbage that took the cowardly way out and shot himself before he could be brought to justice. Before he took himself out though he also shot Officer Ryan Williams of the K9 unit as well as his dog Grendel. Officer Williams required surgery and is expected to recover. Officer Williams was also our MC for the race this past Saturday. Hits pretty close to home when a guy that you were talking with one morning, almost dies the next morning. Puts things in real perspective.

RIP Officer Craig Birkholz

Speedy recovery Office Ryan Williams



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