Monday, March 28, 2011

Fast food eating - volume 1

Occasionally, it is unavoidable with a three year old at home, and a hectic work schedule, to not eat fast food. Over the years, I've narrowed my intake down to a select few restaurants where I can get something mildly healthy for myself, while still satisfying my daughters craving for chicken nuggets. Training right now is rather boring due to last weeks snow and ice and now frigid temperatures, so it seems like a good time to talk about eating better and making good choices. From time to time, I will randomly insert some posts like these when things are slow.


I think everyone is effected by the general garbage out out by McD's. As a general rule, I've tried to stay away from this joint since I've had my epiphany (except on father's day when I allow my wife to indulge me with steak and egg bagels). That is until I discovered the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad. I've always disliked salads from fast food outlets because you always have to douse them with salad dressing to help choke down the questionable greenery, but this little gem is great without any dressing. Here are some of the particulars:

Calories - 320
Fat - 9g
Sat Fat - 3g
Trans Fat - 0g
Dietary Fiber - 6g

It consists of grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, tomatoes, corn, black beans, poblano peppers, shredded cheddar-jack cheese, chili-lime tortilla strips, and a lime wedge on the side (squeeze the lime over the salad, not salad dressing - good stuff).

I'm not recommending that you drop your usual meal to head over to your local McD's and grab one of these salads, but inevitably, you will find yourself at McD's sometime in the future. When you do, keep this salad in mind for a pretty healthy alternative.



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