Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the stationary for you!

After a glorious week, weather wise, where I was actually able to get the bike out and get in a couple rides, it's back to the stationary bike for me after a nice winter storm blew through over the last two days dumping mostly ice on my neck of the woods. Now the temps are back down to highs in the low 30's. Sure gets frustrating this time of year, especially after I put up two rides of 14 MPH average speeds or better (in relatively stiff winds) after not having been on a bike in four months. Oh well, winter has to end sometime right?

Seeing as the next event for me is a cycling event, my training has switched up for at least the next month and a half. Will be doing 6 days a week now with two days focusing on distance cycling, one day on speed cycling, and the other three just keeping myself in running shape (this will consist of alternating distance and interval training).

Going in tonight for my first "rub down" of the season. Looking forward to getting this pesky IT band worked on for a bit. Business is about to pick up.



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  1. These false Springs are so frustrating! I haven't even bothered taking my bike off the trainer yet.