Sunday, June 19, 2011

Edge the Ledge

I decided my next physical challenge is going to be a race called "Edge the Ledge" on August 27th. It's a local obstacle race along the lines of "Tough Mudder", "Warrior Dash", or "Spartan Race". If you're not familiar with this type of race, check out the website for one of the races I mentioned above, and watch the video samples. I'll check in periodically and update on my training, but my first attempt this morning to gauge my fitness and strength levels was good on endurance, but lacking on the strength part, so I need to get back to training.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been a while - again

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted here! Time flies when you're training hard I guess. Finished the OSC Unity ride this past weekend. 37 miles on pavement, rolling hills, grand vistas of Lake Michigan...would've been a great warm up ride for the summer season had it not been for the 48 degree temperatures, rain, and sustained winds NNE at 26 mph (gusts reached well over 30-35mph).

Only good thing about it was riding south. Got some nice 28-29 mph speeds without even having to go downhill (hahaha). Of course this meant 10-13 mph speeds going north, and looking like I belonged in a V-8 commercial riding east/west (I was literally leaning so much into the wind to stop from being tipped over that it looked like I was almost riding sideways).

Oh well, it's good training right? I won a pair of riding socks and a $15.00 gift certificate from our friends at Road ID (guess who's got a new Road ID Slim coming his way?) If you don't have a Road ID, GET ONE NOW! You can link to it from the side bar of this blog.

3 mile running race coming up this Saturday as part of a benefit for my brother-in-law to help defray the costs of his cancer treatment. I issued a challenge on my facebook page so I'll do the same here, if anyone that shows up thinks they can beat me, let's make a friendly wager and donate the winnings to the benefit. Till next time my friends.



Friday, April 1, 2011

Fartlek Fridays!

Today I started interval training for running. I affectionately refer to this, as Fartlek Fridays. For those of you that may not know, fartlek is a swedish word meaning "speed play". I owe my discovery of the word fartlek, to RunnerDude, who had a recent blog posting about it. As I stated in my comment to him:

"I've just been getting ready to integrate interval training into my workouts. I think I will try fartleks if for no other reason than I like the word "fartlek". It's also a tribute to my Scandinavian heritage (in case I have to come up with a more grown up reason for saying the work "fartlek")"

I only did a 2 mile run this morning integrating about 4-5 fartleks, but that was enough to cut my mile pace down to 8:13. I've never run that fast for a sustained period of time that early in the morning, or in a "non-race" situation. I think I need to bump my fartlek runs (heheh, I just used the words "fartlek" and "runs" in the same sentence) up to 5k's thought to get the most bang for my buck.

I also had my monthly mandatory weigh this morning. Down another 5 pounds to 196 and a BMI of 24.5. Feel pretty good about cracking the 200 pound mark. Life is good! Running, Cycling, and Baseball started. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.



Monday, March 28, 2011

Fast food eating - volume 1

Occasionally, it is unavoidable with a three year old at home, and a hectic work schedule, to not eat fast food. Over the years, I've narrowed my intake down to a select few restaurants where I can get something mildly healthy for myself, while still satisfying my daughters craving for chicken nuggets. Training right now is rather boring due to last weeks snow and ice and now frigid temperatures, so it seems like a good time to talk about eating better and making good choices. From time to time, I will randomly insert some posts like these when things are slow.


I think everyone is effected by the general garbage out out by McD's. As a general rule, I've tried to stay away from this joint since I've had my epiphany (except on father's day when I allow my wife to indulge me with steak and egg bagels). That is until I discovered the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad. I've always disliked salads from fast food outlets because you always have to douse them with salad dressing to help choke down the questionable greenery, but this little gem is great without any dressing. Here are some of the particulars:

Calories - 320
Fat - 9g
Sat Fat - 3g
Trans Fat - 0g
Dietary Fiber - 6g

It consists of grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, tomatoes, corn, black beans, poblano peppers, shredded cheddar-jack cheese, chili-lime tortilla strips, and a lime wedge on the side (squeeze the lime over the salad, not salad dressing - good stuff).

I'm not recommending that you drop your usual meal to head over to your local McD's and grab one of these salads, but inevitably, you will find yourself at McD's sometime in the future. When you do, keep this salad in mind for a pretty healthy alternative.



Friday, March 25, 2011

Deep Tissue Massage

I had my first real deep tissue massage last night. WOW! I am sore. That little lady really packs a punch. Usually most people are satisfied to just beat me for free, but I actually paid her to do it. She said that my back is actually starting to get pretty messed up. After all of these years of slouching (I am 6'-3" well may be 6'-4" if I stand up straight) was causing damage to not only my upper back muscles, but my pectoral muscles as well. Oh and my scapula are beginning to separate. That was the diagnosis.

The prescription - STAND UP STRAIGHT. She also went over some good stretching for my back and pecs. I also feel I need to start yoga sooner than later. So now hopefully I can still correct this situation. She also stated that better posture is going to make me a better athlete, and that's what I'm striving for.

This is the first time I've gone to this gal for my theraputic massage needs, and I'm glad I did. To have her tell me these things I think will really make a difference. The lesson learned here is if you haven't had a deep tissue massage, get one. It'll hurt like a mother whilst you're getting it done, but the benefits far out weigh the temporary discomfort.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the stationary for you!

After a glorious week, weather wise, where I was actually able to get the bike out and get in a couple rides, it's back to the stationary bike for me after a nice winter storm blew through over the last two days dumping mostly ice on my neck of the woods. Now the temps are back down to highs in the low 30's. Sure gets frustrating this time of year, especially after I put up two rides of 14 MPH average speeds or better (in relatively stiff winds) after not having been on a bike in four months. Oh well, winter has to end sometime right?

Seeing as the next event for me is a cycling event, my training has switched up for at least the next month and a half. Will be doing 6 days a week now with two days focusing on distance cycling, one day on speed cycling, and the other three just keeping myself in running shape (this will consist of alternating distance and interval training).

Going in tonight for my first "rub down" of the season. Looking forward to getting this pesky IT band worked on for a bit. Business is about to pick up.



Monday, March 21, 2011

FDLRC Legal Runaround Race report

, It was a beautiful "almost spring" morning as 250 or so runners and walkers gathered at Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI for the annual 5K run to benefit the FDL police K9 unit. I had eaten my "breakfast blend" approximately 2.5 hrs before race time. 45 minutes prior to start, I took my first GU energy gel. I had a bottle of water, and then 15 minutes prior to the start had another GU energy gel.

8:58 AM - Racers to the starting line, go over course layout and finish line "need to knows".

9:00 AM - Racers ready? GO!

I started out pretty strong, but not too strong. At about mile 1, I began to pass people I didn't have any business passing (no body was passing me). At about mile 1.75, a young lady passed me. I used her to pace myself. At about mile 2.25, I passed her. No on else passed me after that.

When I got within spectator distance of the finish line, I could hear people cheering on runners behind me. Then I heard the foot steps. That was all I needed to kick it up to about 10 MPH and finish hard. I crossed the finish line at 24 minutes 2 seconds. This brought my mile pace to 7:42, 18 seconds less than my pace for the last race.

Now the switch occurs. Next event is on two wheels, not two feet. Time to change up the training a little. Started with a nice 13 mile ride yesterday before the rain set in. More to come on cycling training.

On a sad note, the very division of the Fond du Lac police department that we ran to support on Saturday morning, suffered a great loss on Sunday morning. Officer Craig Birkholz of the FDL police was shot and killed yesterday morning in a standoff with a real piece or garbage that took the cowardly way out and shot himself before he could be brought to justice. Before he took himself out though he also shot Officer Ryan Williams of the K9 unit as well as his dog Grendel. Officer Williams required surgery and is expected to recover. Officer Williams was also our MC for the race this past Saturday. Hits pretty close to home when a guy that you were talking with one morning, almost dies the next morning. Puts things in real perspective.

RIP Officer Craig Birkholz

Speedy recovery Office Ryan Williams