Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been a while - again

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted here! Time flies when you're training hard I guess. Finished the OSC Unity ride this past weekend. 37 miles on pavement, rolling hills, grand vistas of Lake Michigan...would've been a great warm up ride for the summer season had it not been for the 48 degree temperatures, rain, and sustained winds NNE at 26 mph (gusts reached well over 30-35mph).

Only good thing about it was riding south. Got some nice 28-29 mph speeds without even having to go downhill (hahaha). Of course this meant 10-13 mph speeds going north, and looking like I belonged in a V-8 commercial riding east/west (I was literally leaning so much into the wind to stop from being tipped over that it looked like I was almost riding sideways).

Oh well, it's good training right? I won a pair of riding socks and a $15.00 gift certificate from our friends at Road ID (guess who's got a new Road ID Slim coming his way?) If you don't have a Road ID, GET ONE NOW! You can link to it from the side bar of this blog.

3 mile running race coming up this Saturday as part of a benefit for my brother-in-law to help defray the costs of his cancer treatment. I issued a challenge on my facebook page so I'll do the same here, if anyone that shows up thinks they can beat me, let's make a friendly wager and donate the winnings to the benefit. Till next time my friends.




  1. Been off and on the blog myself. Got a Road ID and love it.

  2. Which style did you get Marla? I just got the "Slim" style and absolutely LOVE IT. Hope everything's going well with you.